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Whether you’re heading out on a fishing trip with the lads or about to hit the water for a yacht party of epic proportions, SeaRide Dubai has everything you could possibly require, so you can rest assured your luxury yacht charter or boat rental service surpasses your wildest expectations.


Boat Rental Dubai: Where to Start?

It goes without saying that you’re looking for an unforgettable experience on your trip to Dubai. There's nothing wrong with stretching out on your rented yacht, soaking up sun, and enjoying a drink while reading a good book…


Elevate Your Yacht Rental Experience

But why not get the most out of your luxury yacht charter experience? Arranging a yacht rental in Dubai is the perfect way to ensure a memorable experience and a holiday you’ll be talking about for years — but even the best yacht rental won’t be worthwhile without some pointers on how to fully capitalise on your experience.

Here are a few ideas to make the most of your boat rental service.


Throw A Yacht Party In Dubai

Everyone’s seen those over-the-top yacht parties in the movies… Why not throw one of your own? It’s such a good time. Bring all of your friends with you on your trip or simply make new friends while on holiday in Dubai — literally everyone loves a yacht party!

But note: your yacht party can get messy, so make sure that you're taking the proper precautions.

You want to keep your party-goers safe, so watch your alcohol consumption, bring your own food, and make sure you have all the required safety equipment on the yacht in easily accessible places.


Turn the Volume Up to Eleven

The upsides to throwing your own yacht party are undeniable. Whereas most hotel and venues have strict rules that you need to adhere to, with a yacht party, you have the freedom to go wild.

Pick a theme, create your guestlist, and celebrate with reckless abandon. Most luxury yacht charters are usually equipped with cutting-edge music systems.

Feel free to create your own playlist or have the resident DJ set the tone with their own expertly crafted selections. Being out in the sea on a yacht gives you the freedom to play your music as loud as you want.


Choose the Right Size Yacht

It’s important, take note of the guest limit for the yacht that you're renting. Smaller yachts may only be appropriate for small gatherings with eight or so guests, while larger yachts will be suited for up thirty or more guests.

All yachts have their own limitations and regulations. When in doubt, talk to the boat rental service like SeaRide.


Host A Romantic Sunset Cruise Out On The Water

Maybe massive, loud parties aren’t quite your thing. How about a quiet night on the water with someone close to your heart? There's nothing quite like having a romantic, restaurant experience on a yacht.

You're all alone with your partner as opposed to eating in a busy public space. So why not get your favourite restaurant order to-go and set up a romantic table-for-two on your luxury yacht charter? And your private yacht experience doesn’t have to end there either.


Charter A Yacht And Enjoy A Stargazing Experience

When you're done with dinner, lay a blanket out on the front deck and watch the starlit sky and witness the beautiful lights of the city. You can also view some of Dubai’s most famous landmarks, such as the iconic Burj al Arab, Dubai Canal, Dubai Marina, the Burj Khalifa, and the Palm Jumeirah Island.

What are you waiting for? Create your DIY date night and elevate it to the next level with a luxury yacht charter.


Hire A Yacht For Your Hen Night Or Stag Night

If you're looking for a venue to hold your hen or stag party, look no further than a boat rental. The discretion and freedom you get from partying on a yacht have no match. When you organise your hen night or stag party on a yacht rental Dubai, you can enjoy an intimate time with close friends in a luxurious and memorable setting.


Ultimate Privacy On A Private Yacht

Whatever your reason for celebrating, you'll enjoy non-restricting privacy in a luxury yacht charter. And you’ll have the freedom to make your party as extravagant or as reserved as you see fit for the occasion.

A luxury yacht charter offers the security, privacy, and facilities that you need to ensure a hen party or stag night for the books. Talk to a boat rental service like SeaRide today to make your dream a reality.


Take a sightseeing tour on a yacht in Dubai

When you rent a boat in Dubai, you don't have to stay in just one place… You can go just about anywhere where there's a marina large enough to hold your boat rental, so why not take a boat tour? Besides, it’s far more fun to travel on the water than it is to travel on the road. No question about it.

Make a map of all the places that you can park your yacht charter Dubai and get your boat tour on the road… er, or on the water? Talk to your crew about where you'd like to go so you can get their opinions and suggestions.

Sure, maybe you won't be able to visit every single thing on your list, but you’ll get to travel in style and luxury, and that’s always worth it.


Rent A Boat In Dubai And See All The Most Famous Dubai Landmarks

There are so many things to do and see in Dubai, and you can see a lot of them from the water. So, why not take a trip further into the deep sea? A sunset cruise will help you see both nature and the city itself in a whole new light.

You’ll also get the chance to witness some of Dubai’s most well-known landmarks from the water—Atlantis Hotel, the Burj al Arab, Dubai Marina, Dubai Canal, the Burj Khalifa, and Palm Jumeirah Island—all from the comfort of your luxury yacht rental. If you’re very lucky, you might even get to see some sea wildlife off in the distance from the privacy of your yacht rental.

Speaking of privacy, if you're tired of loud beaches, why not use the yacht to find a quiet, secluded place without other people crowding the water? Grab a few of your friends and prepare to go swimming. Just make sure that you're a strong swimmer before you go into the ocean and always ensure you have safety equipment nearby. All that aside, going for a dip without the noise of other tourists is an absolute gamechanger.


Discover The Beauty Of Dubai In Our Luxury Yacht Charters And Boats In Dubai For Rent

Have the time of your life while cruising through some of the most picturesque and breath-taking yachting, cruising and fishing destinations. If you are interested in an uninterrupted panoramic view of the stunning city skyline and captivating coastlines of the city, then an exclusive yacht hire from SeaRide Dubai is just what you need.

Whether you’re looking for luxury yachts in Dubai for a sunset cruise, water sports like jet-ski or deep-sea fishing, or simply explore the underwater wonders of the Dubai coastline, we’ve got you covered.


Rental Dubai – everything you need

Rest assured that each Luxury Yatch Charter in Dubai for rent comes complete with a professional captain, an extremely helpful crew, and everything you could need to ensure your trip is filled with memorable experience after memorable experience.

Rent a boat in Dubai now and fall in love with Dubai from the water.

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