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An eFoil is an electric hydrofoil board that provides the rider the experience of flying over any body of water — no waves, wind, or towing required. Are you ready to take off in the latest craze sweeping the surfing world? Efoil rentals in Dubai are picking up fast, with just about everyone becoming obsessed with this superior alternative to surfing.

SeaRide Dubai offer eFoil rentals in UAE, as well as the training and guidance required to help make the most of your experience. Read on to find out more about our eFoil rentals in Dubai.


What is an eFoil?

An eFoil is an electric hydrofoil board that provides the rider the experience of flying over any body of water — no waves, wind, or towing required. Think of it as skateboarding — instead of occupying a skatepark or a sidewalk, you’re literally flying over the water!


Efoil rentals in Dubai: enjoy environmentally friendly adventure

The eFoil uses a silent electric motor, which means zero noise and zero emissions, so it’s environmentally friendly too.


The benefits of riding an eFoil

Efoiling has a far easier barrier for entry than traditional surfing, plus, you don’t require wind, waves, or a towing vehicle. You power this board all yourself!


How does an eFoil work?

The hydrofoil’s silent electric motor propels you forward and allows you to ride the water on your own power. This electric motor is controlled by a wireless Bluetooth hand remote, giving the rider all the control over the board.


How to ride an eFoil

An electric powered hydrofoil surfboard is easy to ride for just about anyone, from the amateur board rider to the seasoned professional. Simply lie down on the board in a position where you can touch the front of the board with your hand or the front handle. Once moving, you’ll want to keep your weight toward the front of the board. Make sure the controller is set to power Level One.

Next, arm your silent electric motor by placing the handset on the arming pad. When you see the motor unlock and count down on the screen, gently squeeze the hand trigger to lift the eFoil. The board will start to move slowly, until you start to pull the trigger all the way in. You can use your thumb to change gears using the plus and minus buttons on the controller device.


Practice makes perfect

Practice gradually increasing and decreasing speed between level one and four. It’s important to keep enough weight on the front of the eFoil board to keep the nose of the board down and parallel to the water.

As you accelerate, you may need to shift your weight forward. Keep your weight back to keep the receiver above the water line when arming and then shift your weight forward as you get moving.

Simple right? Who thought a flying surfboard could be this easy and fun?


Where can I rent an Efoil in Dubai and how much does it cost?

No matter if you are a complete beginner looking to try something new or a surfer looking for a new challenge, the eFoil is for everyone. Efoil rentals are available at our Location at Nessnass Beach in Dubai.


How can I rent an eFoil online in Dubai?

SeaRide offers Electric Foil Board Dubai. Contact us to find out how to make the best of your eFoil experience.

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