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Introducing the electric foil — known by aficionados as the eFoil or the Fliteboard — an electric surfboard that uses a propeller and a foil to glide above the water. If you’re looking for a reputable Electric Foil Fliteboard Distributor, our team is at your disposal throughout the year. Are you ready to take off in the latest craze sweeping the water sports world?


Enter: The Fliteboard Revolution

Whether you’re a total amateur looking for something to spike your heart rate or a seasoned surfer looking for your next frontier, eFoil in Dubai is for everyone. No wind? No waves? No worries.


Brief overview of the eFoil

The cutting-edge eFoil board, with its streamlined and minimalist design, can reach speeds of up to 30km/h. The eFoil has a mast size of 70cm, giving you the feeling of flying as you glide above the waves on the foil.


The “upsides” of riding an eFoil

Efoiling has a far easier barrier for entry than traditional surfing, with no need for actual waves. Overcome your fear of surfing and join the eFoil community — why surf when you could fly? Efoiling is brand new; be one of the very first to experience this exciting water sport and count yourself a pioneer.


Getting to know the eFoil better

It may sound kind of futuristic, but in everyday terminology, an eFoil is simply a flying surfboard. Think of it as an electric-powered surfboard that uses a lithium-ion battery. This battery powers a silent electric motor that is attached to a hydrofoil underneath the board.


How does the eFoil electric motor work?

The electric motor in the hydrofoil propels you forward and allows you to ride the water without exerting much effort. This electric motor is controlled by a wireless Bluetooth hand remote, giving the rider all the control over the board.


What about battery charging time?

With just 2-hour charging time, you can ride your eFoil for over an hour at speeds of 20-30km/h. And because the eFoil is all-electric, there’s no emission or noise produced, so it’s kind to the environment too.


How to use the eFoil wireless hand controller

The eFoil has a wireless hand remote throttle control and advanced safety features. And it’s all in the palm of your hand. This remote control is sealed and 100% waterproof, of course. Worried that this device might slip out of your hand and be lost underneath the water? No problem! It floats.

Talk about peace of mind. The usage of the remote control is explained in detail during the first five minutes of your first expert instructor session. Other features include battery charge level display, power settings, alerts and more.


So, is it difficult to ride an eFoil?

If you tried surfing, skateboarding, wake boarding, snowboarding or any similar water sports before, you won’t have any problem learning how to ride an eFoil. And if you don’t have any experience with these boards, no worries, the eFoil is user-friendly.


What if I fall off the eFoil?

You’ll achieve lift off in seconds, and remember, falling off is all part of the experience. From beginners to advanced riders, the design of eFoil board is made easy to use and fun for all levels of experience.


What about eFoil maintenance?

What’s even more astounding about the eFoil is that it requires very minimal maintenance — if any at all! Pretty cool, right? So, how does this thing work? Think of it like an electric skateboard, but for the water.

However, instead of riding your board on the sidewalk, you’re cruising on top of the glassy surface of the water, or even over the waves.


Why should you try the eFoil?

Well, why not? The eFoil is designed for absolutely everyone, from complete beginners to top water sports athletes.


What about eFoil safety?

First off, your safety is still the number one priority in this sport and that’s why we highly recommend that you take a full instructor session and avoid learning the water sport on your own.

If you already have previous experience, then you can start looking for an eFoil Distributor Dubai.

Most eFoil distributor in UAE recommend a standard weight and ideal age of people who can ride the board and on the top of that, we highly recommend that you use expert safety equipment, like a helmet and an impact vest.


Where can I buy an eFoil in Dubai?

SeaRide Dubai is a proud Efoil Fliteboard Distributor Dubai.


How do I set my eFoil up?

We have stock that can be delivered at your place and can help you with everything from lessons and packages — from set up to lift off!

Get in touch today and don’t miss out on the eFoil craze.

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Searide Dubai is a proud Fliteboard Reseller. Our team is at your disposal throughout the year. We have stock that can be delivered at your place. We also fully refund session costs if you decide to purchase a board from us !

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