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Jet ski is without a doubt one of the best ways to experience Dubai. For the last 8 years, SeaRide Dubai is the first water sport company to operate jet ski experiences, as well as stand up jet ski experiences Dubai. We offer the latest equipment and ultimate safety; our certified team offers professionalism, experience, and knowledge to create unforgettable memories. Our jet ski Dubai experiences range from AED350-600, with a package to suit any taste or requirement.


Sit Down Jet Ski Dubai

SeaRide offers a range of Sit Down Jet Ski packages in Dubai, all of which include famous Dubai landmarks and comprehensive safety guidance.

Burj Al Arab - 1 hour

Witness the iconic Burj Al Arab from the water. In this 1-Hour Sit Down Jet Ski experience, you’ll also get a seaside view of the beautiful Jumeirah beaches, and exquisite Dubai landscape along the way. Enjoy high-speed freedom and fun as you soar across the water.

Our qualified instructors are here to ensure your ultimate safety and capture your magical moment on camera. Don’t worry, we’ll send all the pictures to you after your trip. You just focus on having fun.

Atlantis - 2 hours

Try the Atlantis experience out if you’re looking for a perfect tour for the most adventurous riders.

This one’s for those who want to extend their pleasure and explore Dubai and all its most famous iconic landmarks: Atlantis, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, Skyline, World Island, Palm Island, Dubai Eye… the list goes on.

Get ready for a breath-taking experience. Once again, no need to worries about taking your own pictures; our certified instructors will take care of that. Just enjoy the ride and the gorgeous view!

Burj Khalifa - 30 Minutes

30 minutes might not seem like enough time to fully appreciate the iconic Dubai skyline and splendid view of Downtown and the Burj Khalifa, but time seems to slow down when you’re on a jet ski.

Soar across the waves while taking in the closest sea view of the Burj Khalifa — the world’s tallest skyscraper.

Get ready to enjoy a combination of fun, speed, and adrenaline — expertly supervised by our experienced instructors and safety officers.


The Difference Between Stand-up Jet Skis and Sit-Down Jet-Skis

The stand-up jet ski was the first type of jet ski ever created. It was the initial personal watercraft and, after gaining tremendous success, it moved on to become a common sport for everyone.

Clayton Jacobson II, the creator of the jet ski, originally wanted to replicate standing up on a dirt bike — but on water. Jacobson was an avid sportsman, with years of experience racing dirt bikes and during this period, he had suffered from various injuries.

This inspired his creation of the jet ski, as he believed that falling while jet skiing on water would not hurt as much as it would on land. This stand up jet ski model is common amongst recreational riders and racers.


The Creation of the Sit Down Jet Ski

After the creation of the stand up jet skis, Jacobson went on to license some of his patents to Bombardier Recreational Products. With this, BRB created the first sit down jet ski model and obtained licensed patents for the sit-down models. The sit down jet ski models were created so that the sport could be enjoyed by families and amateur enthusiasts. The features of the sit down jet ski model enable a relaxed and comfortable ride when compared to the stand-up model.

The stand up jet ski is smaller in size when compared to the sit down jet ski model. The sit down jet ski is bigger, consequently making it heavier, requiring more storage space than the stand up jet ski. Although storage can be difficult for a sit-down jet ski… it has the perk of extra seating. The bigger size enables the rider to be accompanied by a passenger, this is something that is not possible in a stand-up model.

The bigger size of the sit down jet ski also means it can be used in water sports and tow sports, which is usually main reason why people opt for the sit down over the stand up model. However, one of the greatest perks of the stand up model is its performance. The stand up jet ski model allows a thrilling ride in comparison to the sit down jet ski model, as it’s created for adventure and exhilaration, instead of groups and families.


Do you need a License to Rent a Jetski in Dubai?

Unlike owning one, you you do not need a jet ski license to rent a jet ski in Dubai. However, it is required that you rent from a licensed rental company, such as SeaRide Dubai.


SeaRide Dubai: The Jet Ski Experts

At SeaRide Dubai, we offer our customers the best jet-skiing experience in Dubai. We propose some of the finest jet ski models in the market, which you can rent for a specific time or for one of our guided tours, as specified above.

We accept clients from all levels, from experienced riders who’ll enjoy the quality of our watercrafts to first timers who will be taught how to ride a jet ski by our specialised crew.

Contact us to find out how to make your jet ski dream a reality.

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