There’s a reason most people ride Fliteboard. It’s simply the best ride. We have the largest range of Fliteboards, including Series 2 Fliteboard, Fliteboard AIR, Fliteboard PRO and Fliteboard ULTRA suitable for beginners to advanced riders.

Get Set and Glide: Efoil for Sale in Dubai

Known for its beauty, innovation, and cutting-edge technology, Dubai has become a center for thrilling water sports experiences. Among the latest trends of aquatic adventures , e-foiling has been on the rise. With growing demand the need for a good efoil distributor in Dubai is important.

Water Sport Redefined: The E-Foil Fliteboard Experience in Dubai

Imagine yourself, hovering over the crystal blue waters with wind on your face, the soft hum of the motor while you propell forward. The gorgeous coastline and majestic views of the skyline behind you. The water splashing as you make your turns with precision, showing off your skill. Sounds like an enthralling adventure right?

Efoiling also known as electric hydrofoiling is a popular emerging adventure sport. With SeaRide Dubai, this fun filled adventure can be experienced in reality. As a trusted efoil distributor in Dubai, we are committed to providing premium efoil flight boards. You can look at multiple options available for purchasing.

FliteBoard Series 2

The iconic Fliteboard Series 2 is a much refined version allowing beginners to fly through the wave much quicker and easier.

Experienced riders can enjoy the emission free ride on Fliteboard Series 2 trying the widest range of performance wings.

The world’s smallest eFoil at 4’2”, designed for advanced riders as it is lightweight, strong and still board.

Flightboard Air

Fliteboard Air comes with an inflatable board making it lighter to use and easy to roll up for taking it around.

Most stable, durable and fit for all types of riders, Fliteboard Air is also perfect for families, yachts and resorts.

Rugged, handy and comfortable Fliteboard version.

With virtual gears makes it easier for the first time riders to fly.

Dual drive, can switch from jet to prop in seconds.

Fliteboard Pro

The Fliteboard Pro is designed for confident beginners to enthusiast pro.

This embraces innovation and technology that enable the rider to have a feeling of just an extension and is jump friendly having foot-strap.

Light and Small as 5 foot and 67 litres, giving a feel of just an extension of the rider. It is equipped with dual drive and cruiser jet wings.

Fliteboard Ultra

A lighter but more agile, more responsive and capable of extreme performance.

Fliteboard Ultra, is an adrenaline machine, best for experienced riders who’s up for riding higher, pushing limits on the lightest and smallest fliteboard available.

Comes with world’s lightest lithium-ion eFoil battery: Flitecell Nano, 80cm mast, True Glide prop, Flow wing.

Choosing the Right E-Foil Distributor for Efoiling

When it comes to choosing the best Efoil distributor, quality is of utmost importance. Except that ideal distributors should make sure that there is a seamless purchase experience. With smooth transactional services, good quality equipment and smooth customer service you can get the best Electric Foil Fliteboard Distributor.

Known for their commitment to excellence, SeaRide offers a curated selection of the best  e-foil flightboard. They cater to both beginners and seasoned riders. Their extensive range includes top notch models that guarantee an unforgettable ride.

Choose SeaRide: Your Go-To E-Foil Distributor in Dubai for the Ultimate Adventure

Unparalleled Product Quality: Dedicated to providing customers with the best equipment and latest efoil flightboards. Each board is specially designed to precision to ensure a safe and memorable ride.

Setting a Budget: Setting a budget will help guide your search and ensure you find a board that meets your needs. E-foils come in a range of prices, from entry-level models to high-end, advanced systems.

Test Rides: Determine which model best suits your riding style with demo rides. Pay attention to factors such as stability, speed, responsiveness, and ease of use during your test rides.

Considering Maintenance and Support: Before making a purchase, inquire about the manufacturer’s warranty coverage, maintenance recommendations, and availability of replacement parts.

Finalizing Your Purchase: After thorough research, consultation, and test rides, it’s time to complete your e-foil purchase. Review warranty terms, payment options, and delivery logistics with SeaRide Dubai.

Wide Network of Dealerships: With SeaRide Dubai’s extensive network of dealerships across Dubai, accessing top-quality e-foil flightboards has never been easier. With a good and strategic location, it is convenient to buy efoil in Dubai.

SeaRide Dubai: One stop solution for the best E-foil Distributor in Dubai.

As the thrill of e-foiling continues to gain popularity, choosing the best e-foil distributor takes time and consideration. SeaRide Dubai aims to provide best quality , expertise and customer satisfaction. It stands out as the go top option for those wishing to experience these electrifying aquatic sports. Elevate your aquatic adventures with the Efoil Fliteboard Distributor Dubai.

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Searide Dubai is a proud Fliteboard Reseller. Our team is at your disposal throughout the year. We have stock that can be delivered at your place. We also fully refund session costs if you decide to purchase a board from us !

fliteboard pro efoil for sale in Dubai

Fliteboard PRO

Start From 58,000.00AED

black color fliteboard efoil for sale in dubai

Fliteboard ULTRA

Start From 58,000.00AED

Fliteboard AIR

Start From 58,000.00AED

Fliteboard Series 2

Start From 58,000.00AED


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