Fliteboard Air in Dubai

The ultimate blend of safety, versatility, and convenience. Designed for both beginners embarking on their surfing journey and adventurers seeking thrilling experiences on the water. The Fliteboard Air features an inflatable board, making it lightweight and easily transportable.


The safest, easy going fliteboard that is perfect for both: learning and adventure, Fliteboard Air comes with inflatable board making it lighter to use and easy to roll up for taking it around. Most stable, durable and fit for all types of riders, Fliteboard Air is also perfect for families, yachts and resorts. Now, available in 2 colors!
  • Rugged – strong, handy and comfortable Fliteboard version
  • Fit for all, with 264 litres of volume allowing riders of any weight upto 120 KG to lay, kneel and stand with ease
  • Shorter 24” mast – makes it more forgiving when you fall
  • Cruise control – virtual gears makes it easier for the first time riders to fly
  • Dual drive – switch from jet to prop in seconds
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