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Searide Dubai - Jet Ski Dubai and Watersports

Water Adventures for Everyone from Solo JetSki Ride, Yacht Rental, a Serene Efoiling to Yacht Charter for your Corporate Group in Dubai

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Come and dive into the euphoric world of water sports. SeaRide Dubai offers carefully curated experiences to enjoy the beauty of blue waters surrounded by the Dubai skyline. Enjoy the exhilarating jet skiing, savor the tranquility of e-foil, or go on fun-filled boating trips – The adventure at SeaRide just never ends. Still confused about what to select? Have a look at our best-sellers. Explore a variety of thrilling packages to enjoy the adventure of your pick.

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Most Popular Combo Deals of Water-sports and Desert Adventures

Relax, Refuel and Discover your next watersport obsession as you kick back and soak in the ocean breeze at our beachfront cafeteria


Glide Effortlessly through Blue Waves with E-Foil: Purchase your own piece, or rent for an unforgettable experience!
Searide Dubai is a proud Fliteboard Reseller. Our team is at your disposal throughout the
year. We have stock that can be delivered at your place. We also fully refund session
costs if you decide to purchase a board from us !

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A great instructor can really make all the difference in enjoyment this guy at Sea ride was so good 👍 super friendly , it was so fun with you bro . Most recommend for Jet ski
Amazing experience. I definitely recommend. Walid was very professional and friendly. He took great pictures and videos. Thank you very much😊
Absolutely brilliant morning and an experience i wont forget, our guide was amazing and took some brilliant photos! 10/10

Pioneering thrill: The legacy of SeaRide Dubai in the UAE's Watersports world

SeaRide Dubai has carved its name as the First Ever JetSki Rental Company in the UAE, since 2013. From humble beginnings, we have transformed into a premier and leading brand in the UAE’s watersports landscape.

Driven by the passion and expertise of Steven Dauliach, a 7-time World Champion, 4-time World Cup Champion, 4-time European Champion, and 8-time UAE Champion in the JetSki world, SeaRide Dubai isn’t just a rental service; it is a testament to excellence.

Today, we offer not only JetSki rentals but a range of innovative water activities, catering to every level of experience and desire.

Steven’s legacy, intertwined with our company’s DNA, ensures that every JetSki experience carries the mark of a champion, promising unparalleled performance, safety, and an unforgettable adrenaline rush.

FAQ's Jet Ski in Dubai - Flyboarding and Watersports

Yes, you can jet ski in Dubai even if you don’t know how to swim. Make sure to keep the lifejacket on at all times. At Searide, we have experienced trainers to help and educate you about basics of a jetski and also brief about safety. Most watersports Dubai do allow activities even if you are not the best
At Searide Dubai we offer various time slots for you to choose from. The Jet ski operating hours for searide are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM . Early bookings are recommended to increase chances of getting the slot you prefer. Although same day reservations are available it is recommended to make reservations online an hour before departure.
We recommend that you dress according to the weather conditions. Choose outfits that won’t be easily damaged by the activity. Any type of bathing suit is suggested in summers. Whereas in the cooler season, we provide a limited supply of windbreaker jackets.
Yes, lifejackets are supplied by SeaRide and must be worn at all times during the activity. Before you embark on your adventure, guides will give a safety briefing This includes instructions on how to handle life jackets in case of emergency.
At SeaRide Dubai, you can enjoy both Jet Ski and Flyboarding at discounted rates. With a combo deal including 20 minutes of flyboard and 30 minutes of jetski, you can experience the thrill of both watersports.
SeaRide Dubai allows their customers to document their adventures through photographs and videos. If the customer asks any of our members to use their camera or phone, SeaRide will not be liable for any damages. SeaRide also photographs every activity. By agreeing to the terms and conditions , you also give permission to use these images in advertising material if needed.
SeaRide Dubai requires a valid driver’s license for people operating the watercrats. For non drivers any form of valid government id is necessary. Group bookings can have different policies hence contact our customer care for more information.
Peak and off peak hours can vary depending on various factors.The timings are usually determined by weather conditions, demand, water currents and more. Contact our customer service and we will provide you with up to date information on operation and peak hourts.
Yes, SeaRide offers onsite facilities such as changing rooms and lockers. However SeaRide is not liable incase of damage, stealing or loss of personal belongings.
SeaRide Dubai has both amenities for the needs of people on site. We have changing rooms and lockers as well as a cafeteria.

SeaRide Dubai

Dive into Aquatic Adventures: Water Sport Activities in Dubai, UAE

Situated along the beautiful coastline of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai’s waterfront serves as a playground for all thrill seekers and adrenaline chasers. It offers a wide range of aquatic adventures with a mesmerizing skyline. From the thrill of jet skiing to extravagant boat tours, SeaRide Dubai has it all! If you’re here on holiday, and you don’t take part in at least one of the many water activities in Dubai on offer, you will be severely missing out.

Let Loose Your Inner Maverick with Jet Ski Dubai

Imagine yourself drifting through the gorgeous blue waterfront along the magnificent skyline of Dubai. Get a view of these architectural marvels from the back of a jet ski. For the past 8 years, SeaRide Dubai has been the first water sports company to offer sit-down as well as stand-up jet ski experiences to holiday goers.

Did you know? Clayton Jacobson II, creator of a stand up jet ski, had the intention to replicate a dirt bike but reduce the number of injuries. He believed that falling in water rather than land would lead to fewer injuries. This led to the creation of stand-up jet skis. That’s one awesome reason to create something so fantastic, isn’t it? 

Sit Down Jet Skis were created so that this sport could be enjoyed by amateur enthusiasts and families. The bigger size of the stand up jet ski enables the driver to be accompanied by a passenger. This model provides a more comfortable riding experience . SeaRide Dubai offers both activities for you to choose your aquatic adventure from.

Jet skiing in Dubai is not just a recreational sport but an experience of adrenaline-filled sensations. It offers a unique perspective of the beautiful city with adventure beyond boundaries. We, at SeaRide Dubai, pride ourselves in offering the best jet ski models and equipment. Our experience packages range typically from AED 350 to upto AED 900 for two hours, catering to your taste and requirements. Our certified team offers the professionalism, experience, and knowledge required to make sure that you have a thrilling jet ski experience in Dubai.

Why Should Jet Ski Be On Your Dubai Checklist ?

Jet set is a fun activity but it can also be beneficial for health. Jet skiing helps in improving balance, agility, core strength, and leg muscles. Of all types of water sports, jet skiing is the most popular. The adrenaline rush added to the pace of cruising through the waters is appealing to thousands. This fast-paced extreme sport does require a certain amount of training before you hit the waters. 

SeaRide Dubai has experts who provide you with excellent training and make you understand all safety measures to get you all set for this exhilarating adventure. We offer you both stand-up and sit-down jet ski options. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the exhilarating adventure of jet skiing.

Glide Over the Waves: E-foil for Thrill Seekers

For those seeking a cutting-edge and exhilarating water sport, then E-foil, also known as electric foil is for you. E-foil is a quiet and eco-friendly experience for those environmentally conscious explorers. The electric foil is an electric surfboard that uses a propeller and a foil to surf above the water surface. 

You can take e-foiling literally as skateboarding through water. Gliding effortlessly through the waters of the Arabian Gulf with the city in the background. Iconic locations like JBR, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina have become popular spots for thrill seekers looking for aquatic adventures.

Get Set Fish! Your Ultimate Fishing Experience

For those who prefer to set sail in the deep waters fishing is a must adventure. Dubai is mostly situated along the shoreline and has a prosperous fishing culture. If you are someone who loves the laid-back feel of being out in the water, immersing yourself in the sun and sound of the sea. Why not experience the adventure of a deep-sea fishing trip? 

Despite being extremely affordable and endearing, deep-sea fishing is a highly underrated water activity. SeaRide Dubai offers fishing trips that operate with private boats that provide fishing equipment, experienced crew, and safety measures. You can choose the type of boat based on your needs and the distance you want to travel to. Whether you are a novice or a pro, fishing in Dubai is a rewarding experience for all.

Nautical Excellence: Boating Adventures Where Sea Meets the Sky

Dubai provides an adventurous haven for boating enthusiasts who are looking for a luxury experience. Imagine soaking the sun while enjoying a drink, and stretching your legs on your rented yacht. Or, imagine a sunset cruise into the waters while the skyline transforms into an outline of architectural beauty. You get to witness all the well-known landmarks such as Atlantis Hotel, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, Dubai Canal, and more from the comfort of your luxury yacht. 

SeaRide’s luxury yacht charter comes with a professional captain, and helpful crews along with everything that is needed to make this experience an unforgettable memory. 

Whether you choose to head for a sail into the ocean or throw an epic party, we have got it all! SeaRide Dubai provides the best services to make sure that your boat rental experience surpasses your expectations.

Ride in Style: Enjoy an Exhilarating SeaRide with Jet car

The jet car Dubai is a combination of speed and style, which gives chance to adrenaline seekers to ride a high-performance jet-powered car. Imagine strapped in the vehicle, engine roaring as you accelerate the car moving forward with in super speed. This experience is a perfect combination of speed, power, and innovation that defies conventional limits.

If trying out something extraordinary is on your list then a Jet car tour is a must. At SeaRide Dubai, we provide this one-of-a-kind experience to satisfy the adrenaline seeker in you. Our highly trained instructors give a briefing about how to drive safely. 

A safety boat with an instructor will also accompany you. Seaside provides tours of the most iconic landmarks of Dubai in the best models which are easy to maneuver. For creating an amazing experience with a Dubai Jet car ride, give us a call and find a schedule that fits your time

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