A Decade of Dominance

For over ten years, Steven Dauliach has solidified his reputation as a force to be reckoned with on the international jet skiing scene. His impressive resume includes 7 world championships, 4 world cup championships, 4 European championships, and 8 UAE championships. In addition to these accomplishments, Dauliach has taken his expertise as a professional athlete and combined it with his passion for teaching others, to create an immersive experience in the world of jet skiing.

An Ambassador for Jet Ski Education

Dauliach firmly believes that education and training are crucial to nurturing talent and ensuring safety within the sport. To that end, he holds numerous graduate and trainer certificates, enabling him to provide comprehensive coaching and courses worldwide. By working with dedicated individuals under his tutelage, he seeks to bridge the gap between participants’ dreams of success and their ability to achieve those goals confidently and safely.

SeaRide Dubai: The First Jet Ski Company in the City

In 2013, Dauliach broke new ground by establishing SeaRide Dubai, the first company permitted to operate jet skis in the bustling metropolis. Located in Jumeirah 1’s Fishing Harbour, SeaRide Dubai opened its doors with the mission to share the exhilarating world of jet skiing with residents and visitors alike. Over the years, it has maintained its position as a pioneering provider of high-quality equipment, instruction, and support to jet ski enthusiasts across the city.

Nurturing Future Champions

As a devoted mentor, Dauliach has lent his expertise to the development of young Emirati jet ski athletes. Under his watchful eye, these promising talents have blossomed into some of the region’s finest up-and-comers. In this role as an official trainer and coach at SeaRide Dubai, Dauliach continues to shape and inspire a new generation of champions.

Exceptional Experiences Offered at SeaRide Dubai

Alongside its status as a hub for competitive jet ski coaching, SeaRide Dubai offers a variety of experiences designed to cater to enthusiasts of all skill levels.

  • Beginner Courses: Perfect for novices seeking a gentle introduction to the world of jet skiing, these courses provide an informative and supportive environment where participants can build their skills and confidence atop the waves.
  • Advanced Training: Designed for more experienced riders looking to elevate their abilities, these sessions focus on advanced techniques, racing strategies, and safety procedures crucial to success in competition settings.
  • Corporate Events and Team Building: Specially tailored programs that offer a unique bonding experience through group-focused exercises and challenges, both on and off the water.

Stay Connected with SeaRide Dubai

For the latest news and updates about available programs and events, follow SeaRide Dubai across their various social media platforms. Stay informed about upcoming opportunities, and discover what this groundbreaking organization has planned for the future.

Steven Dauliach A Legacy of Excellence

Steven impact on the world of jet skiing extends far beyond his own achievements as a world-class athlete. With his dedication to teaching and mentoring others – especially younger generations – he is fulfilling a personal mission to lay the foundation for a safer, more successful future in the sport. By supporting the next generation of champions at SeaRide Dubai and beyond, Dauliach continues to shape the landscape of jet skiing, one wave at a time.


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