Do you want to make a professional event in Dubai and live up to your expectations and the image of your company? Are you still looking for atypical activity that could surprise your guests (collaborators, customers, prescribers …) and leave them memories imperishable? Look no further, you are in the right place !

Searide Dubai proposes to concoct for them a totally unique nautical escape.

Dubai is the city of all superlatives and it is little to say that this metropolis is not short of assets. Among them, its magnificent coastline and the nautical activities that can now be practiced there.

Searide Dubai was the first nautical center of Dubai and had the time to make its own reputation and experience. And after some very successful privatizations, decided to propose its nautical activities to companies. The values conveyed by sport and the expectations of the company are similar: cooperation, team spirit, dynamism, motivation, performance … sport is unifying and holds positive values.

This is also why business events are truly professional boosting, unique opportunities to bring men closer together in a less consensual context. A source of motivation and a sign of recognition, these “team building” activities are also an opportunity for the company to encourage social interaction and strengthen the links between all.

On the occasion of your event, we can propose to think and design together your activity so that it takes place as you wish. You will have the opportunity to privatize Searide Dubai for the duration of your choice. 

Having determined together the modalities of the activity and its sides, we will organize its smooth running under the sponsorship of Steven Dauliach, manager of Searide and seven-time world champion.


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