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Want to experience a water sport where there are no waves, wind or even towing needed? Then Efoil is the best option. The electric hydrofoil board gives the rider a feeling of flying over water. With an eco-friendly and unique way of exploring the Arabian Gulf, efoiling has been gaining hype in recent times. Are you ready to indulge in the thrill of gliding on water? 

SeaRide offers Efoil rentals in Dubai as well as training to help you enjoy the experience with safety.

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What’s really unique and special about Efoiling in Dubai is the spectacular view of Dubai skyline and iconic towers riders can enjoy being surrounded by natural beauty of water. Our 30 Mins Efoiling is a soothing & satisfying option for watersports lovers!

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AED 550
A man enjoying efoiling in Dubai ocean
As the calm water of Dubai makes it really ideal for eFoil lovers in Dubai, we got an hour long eFoiling option, so you can enjoy scenic beauty of Dubai as you glide over the water peacefully, in your own pace…

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AED 900


Depending on duration, eFoil rental in Dubai can cost in the range of AED 500 to AED 700 for 30 minutes, AED 800 to AED 1000 for 1 hour, and AED 1,100 to AED 2,000 for 2 hours.

eFoils are designed considering flat water cruising with their propellers offering constant thrust. Their components, like the props and wings are optimized for speed and efficiency, rather than for sharp turns and maneuvers required in wave riding.

Depending on one’s learning curve and watersports experience, the level of difficulty for eFoiling varies from person to person. If you’re comfortable surfing on a wave, and have a good balance; eFoiling may come as an easy game for you.

It’s generally considered easier than traditional surfing. However, taking lesions from professional instructors beginning from calm water is a must.

eFoils generally require a much lesser level of power than jetboards. Generally, the most commercially available eFoils come equipped with motors ranging from 5 Kilowatts, which can accelerate the speed of up to 50 KM/H at maximum speed. In some cases, some eFoils with racing wings use the power of 6KW, exceeding the speed of 50KM/H.

In general, you need to carry your original passport while renting an eFoil in Dubai, confirming your age of 16 and above.

To ride an eFoil (electric hydrofoil), people do not need waves, and the motors perform the propulsion powers to sail through the water, making it more effort-saving. It’s most recommended to use on flat waters. eFoil boards are bigger, making them more difficult to transport, however, their maintenance cost is lower.

Hydrofoil, similar in looks of an eFoil, needs to be operated with the help of windsurf or sail, as the power comes from wind and waves, making it usable in the spots with strong winds or waves. Hydrofoils are generally smaller and lighter boards, making them easier to transport. Hydrofoils are at least 4 times cheaper than eFoils.

eFoiling experience can be compared to deep snow-boarding due to its smooth movements. It’s rather closer to a surfing experience than a jetboarding experience. eFoiling is much easier to ride, giving a smooth and stable feel to the rider. It’s a quiet water sport activity that runs through an electric motor and propeller.

Jetboard is a more intense watersports activity with steeper learning curve, offering potentially higher speed and a bit more of noise as it runs by a Jet Drive propulsion system.

All eFoils are products of intense R&Ds, testing, prototypes, and are carefully hand-crafted. They are made of carbon fiberglass. Apart from the production methods, high quality raw materials and R&D expenses; eFoils’ higher price can also be attributed to the emerging technology, brand value and market positioning.

A Futuristic Water Sport activity: Efoil

Think of Efoiling as skateboarding over the water. This is an electric hydrofoil that elevates riders over the surface of water. This hydrofoil has an electric motor which is powered by rechargeable batteries and a wireless handheld remote. 

This propels the board forward and riders can control their elevation by weight shifting and using a handheld remote. Locations like Dubai Marina have become popular hubs for enthusiasts wanting to go on their electrifying aquatic journeys. The hydrofoil’s silent electric motor pushes you forward and allows you to ride the water on your power.

Soar Above the Waves: How to Ride an Efoil?

The Efoil is easy to ride for all, from amateurs to seasoned professionals. Just lie down on the board and position yourself in a way that you can touch the board’s front with your hand. Once you start moving, you can keep your weight towards the front. Set the controller to power level one. Place the headset on the arming pad.

When you see the motor unlock and count down on the screen, squeeze the trigger to lift off. The board starts to move slowly until you pull the trigger all the way in. Thumbs can be used to change gears with a plus and minus button.

It is important to keep enough weight on the front of the board to keep it down and parallel to the water. Practicing increasing and decreasing speed between all levels helps get better control over. While accelerating you need to keep shifting your weight. 

Quite simple Right? Riding a flying surfboard is easy and fun.

How Much Does an Efoil Rental Cost?

Riding an Efoil is more than just a watersport. It is an immersive experience that helps unleash the daredevil in you. The feeling of smoothly gliding over crystal clear waters of the Arabian Gulf, on boards designed for stability. SeaRide Dubai provides ideal packages for people to enjoy this sport.

Efoil Ride for 60 min rental is priced at AED 840 whereas an Efoil ride with a 30 minute rental is priced at AED 525. We are pleased to be the one and only company in the UAE to offer eFoils for rent.

Enjoy the beautiful blue waters of Dubai as you experience the ultimate ride on our electric surfboards and get your picture flying in front of Burj Khalifa and Downtown buildings. There are still very few people in the world who have tried it. 

Be one of the first to experience this adrenaline-filled adventure!

Tips for an Enthriling E-Foil Adventure in Dubai with SeaRide

Choose the Right Location: Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Harbor are popular spots but consider factors like wind conditions and water clarity when selecting your E-foiling location.

Take help from experts: Even if you’re an experienced water sports enthusiast, consider taking an introductory lesson to familiarize yourself with the unique dynamics of E-foiling.

Wear Appropriate Gear: Ensure you have the right gear, including a life jacket and helmet, for safety during your E-foiling adventure.

​Follow Rules: Familiarize yourself with maritime rules and guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for yourself and others.

​ Capture the Moment: Many E-foiling centers provide opportunities to capture your adventure on camera. Don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera or GoPro to immortalize your soaring moments above the waves

Try SeaRide for the Best Electric Foil Board Rental in Dubai

SeaRide offers Electric Foil Board Dubai. Contact us to find out how to make the best of your eFoil experience. No matter Whether you are a complete beginner looking to try something new or a surfer looking for a new challenge, the eFoil is for everyone. Efoil rentals are available at our Location at Nessnass Beach in Dubai.

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