Efoil Dubai

550.00 AED

Get Efoils for Rent in Dubai to Experience the Adrenaline of Water

The efoil boards are a new and exciting way of hitting the water and experiencing the adrenaline rush. If you have little to no experience surfing the water, efoils can be a perfect choice. The board needs to be charged before using them. The best thing about the efoils is that you can rent them and try the adventures as per your heart’s desire. 

SeaRide is one of the first companies in Dubai to offer eFoil rental services. All the nautical activity lovers need to look no further as we are here to provide you with the best time of your life. 

What’s really unique and special about Efoiling in Dubai is the spectacular view of Dubai skyline and iconic towers riders can enjoy being surrounded by natural beauty of water. Our 30 Mins Efoiling is a soothing & satisfying option for watersports lovers!

Starts from

AED 550
As the calm water of Dubai makes it really ideal for eFoil lovers in Dubai, we got an hour long eFoiling option, so you can enjoy scenic beauty of Dubai as you glide over the water peacefully, in your own pace…

Starts from

AED 900


Efoil hassle-free rental service in Dubai

Our rental services are convenient, and you don’t need to worry about the extensive procedures or documentation to be followed. We aim to make the entire experience memorable and valuable for you, and it starts from the booking process. You can book online even from a distant city before visiting Dubai. SeaRide wishes to make the journey smooth for the guests who aspire to taste the excitement and adrenaline of water.

Efoil Dubai : Assurance of Safety

At SeaRide, we offer guests various water sports activities using different equipment and boards. Our top priority is to look after and ensure the safety of the guests. All the equipment and tools are examined and maintained well so there is no mishap. We offer complete safety assurance during the water adventure, which makes us one of the top companies trusted by one and all. 

Efoil Dubai : Latest Equipment

SeaRide boasts of the latest equipment with advanced technology in the water sports field. We are one and the only company offering eFoils for water sport enthusiasts. We understand how equipment evolves each day and the newer the equipment, the better the features! You will only find the latest and maintained equipment with us. 

Customized Package: Efoil Board Rental

We offer customized packages to our clients based on their specific needs. You can also choose from our wide array of packages available for the guests. We rent an efoil for 30 minutes to 1 person starting at AED 550. You can also rent the foil for an hour for one person for AED 900. Your budget will depend on how long and how many people you rent the service. 

SeaRide offers a private guide on exploring the waters using the efoil. They also guide you about the safety tips and precautions to be followed.

Certified Professionals

Our private guides are certified and experienced professionals with years of experience. They look after the guests and ensure their safety as the efoil is meant for one person only, and you need to manoeuvre it on your own. They make sure that your experience is safe yet memorable. 

For more information or query on our eFoil SeaRide service, contact our team or explore our website today. Our team is ready to help and guide you about the services and assist you with the bookings. Be prepared to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure with our efoil rental services. 

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