Tubing Donut Dubai

600.00 AED


30 Minutes Tubing Donut Ride in Dubai: Thrill & Fun for All! Get whipped around waves in a giant inflatable donut for 30 minutes at high speeds. Affordable, family-friendly, & perfect for 15 minutes of laughter & splashes!

Dive into 30 minutes of pure, donut-shaped mayhem. Hold tight as you bounce and spin across Dubai’s turquoise waves, laughter erupting like fireworks. Feel the adrenaline pump as you dip and soar, catching glimpses of the city skyline transformed into a shimmering mirage. This isn’t just a ride, it’s a bonding experience for friends and family guaranteed to create memories that’ll leave you grinning like Cheshire cats (minus the wet fur). Book your 30-minute slice of laughter-filled adventure today!

Practical information

  • Free & Secure Parking Area
  • Lockers and a changing area
  • Shower
  • Nearby public beaches
  • Free Bottled Drinking Water
  • Free Towel


  • Customers must be above 16 years old
  • Customers must bring their passport in order to participate in this activity
  • Customers need to be proficient swimmers


Book Now and create hilarious memories with a 30 minutes tubing donut ride in Dubai. Get splashed, soar, and laugh as you conquer the waves!

SeaRide also reserves the right to cancel a reservation, in particular in case of wind, bad weather, low visibility or a ban on departures from the authorities (automatic cancellation). Please inform us by telephone, SMS or by e-mail in case of delay or cancellation.

cheerful man and a woman raise their hands as they get dragged around tubing donut ride in Dubai
Tubing Donut Ride in Dubai

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