1150.00 AED


Ditch the land, rule the waves! 2 hours of Evojet Ride: Dubai skyline zoom, heart-pounding twists! Book your aquatic escape with SeaRide Dubai!
Double the adrenaline, double the memories! Buckle up for a 2-hour Evojet extravaganza that will leave you breathless in Dubai. This isn’t just a ride, it’s an immersive aquatic symphony catering to both the seasoned water warrior and the curious beginner. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself mastering turns and playful tricks with their encouragement!
Practical information – DUBAI EVOJET 2 HOURS 
  • Free & Secure Parking Area
  • Lockers and a Changing area
  • Shower
  • Nearby Public Beaches
  • Free Bottled Drinking Water
  • Free Towel
  • Customers must be over 16 years old and their passports with them
  • Customers must perfectly know how to swim
SeaRide also reserves the right to cancel a reservation, in particular in case of wind, bad weather, low visibility or a ban on departures from the authorities (automatic cancellation). Please inform us by telephone, SMS or by e-mail in case of delay or cancellation.

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