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Top 9 Things to Do in Dubai to Beat the Summer Heat

Dubai, the hotspot of stunning skyscrapers, a booming financial hub, and extravagant experiences, can be just as challenging to navigate during the scorching summer months. But fear not! While the desert sun blazes right over-head, we bring forward a plethora of exciting and refreshing things to do in Dubai to keep you super cool and entertained.

Here are the top 9 ways to beat the summer heat and make the most of your Dubai adventure:

1. Thrills of Indoor Theme Parks: 

Dubai’s iconic water parks let you beat the heat with a splash and dive! For most of the year, Dubai heats up, sometimes making records. Escape the scorching sun and dive into a world of super water-rides with immersive experiences at Dubai’s world-renowned theme parks. IMG Worlds of Adventure brings world-popular animation cartoon characters to life, particularly inspired by Hollywood, with thrilling coasters and interactive shows.

For extra adrenaline junkies, Motion gate Dubai offers high-octane movie-themed rides, transporting straight to the heart of Hollywood blockbusters. Not to mention, the ever-occupied part of Mall of the Emirates in the heart of the city – Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort built within a mall, allows you to experience the thrill of skiing and snowboarding amidst a snowy wonderland.

2. Record-breaking, World-popular Waterparks:

Aquaventure Waterpark: At the iconic Atlantis The Palm, enjoy a day at the world’s largest water park – Aquaventure Waterpark, boasting city’s world-record breaking, heart-stopping water rides, superb attractions, water slides, a lazy river, and a thrilling encounter with marine life in The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Wild Wadi Water Park: This popular and Happy Water Park ffers a mix of family-friendly attractions and activities from gentle wave pool, to heart-stopping rides like the freefall slide, offering cool respite from the summer sun.  

3. Explore the Underwater World: 

Located at the South-east coast of the Persian gulf, underwater world, marine life have been part of Dubai’s lifestyle and culture from centuries. At the age of all vibrant and all modern in Dubai, the marine life also offers vibrant and refreshing escape from the heat, but all indoor! The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo within The Dubai Mall perfectly showcases an immersive experience of underwater world from marine creatures to friendly penguins and mighty majestic sharks, making it a must-go for families with kids, as a Things to Do in Dubai. Deeper the dive, better the fun! 

4. Embrace the Nightlife: 

As the sun goes down Dubai’s nightlife come alive, with unmatched vibrancy. Enjoying a leisurely stroll along the popular Dubai Marina walk, with late night coffee in range of coffee shops and restaurants by the walk, or the city’s top-notch culinary escapes on the rooftops; are always on the list of favourite things to do for Dubai’ans.  Exploring the bustling nightlife scene in Dubai Marina, Souq Madinat or City Walk are must-do’s in Dubai regardless of the season!

5. Pamper Yourself at Luxurious Spas:

Unwind at some of the luxurious spas, yourself with a rejuvenating spa experience. Dubai boasts a range of luxurious spas offering a variety of treatments designed to refresh and revitalize in various ranges, from free-standing spa house to in-house spas at luxury hotels. Indulge in the century-old Moroccan cleansing ritual – hammam experience, or opt for super relaxing massage with cooling essential oils.

6. Embrace Cultural Delights: 

Explore the rich cultural heritage of Dubai, immersing into the bygone Bedouin era. Al Fahidi and Neighbourhood can transport you to quite an unbelievable, vibrant past of Dubai. Experience the alluring Spice Souk street with exotic treasures. On top, join The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and learn about Emirati customs and traditions through interactive experiences. If you have a deeper sense of love towards heritage, culture and tradition, strolling around Al Seef, Al Fahidi Neighborhood can be your best pick of Things to do in Dubai

7. Explore the Cool Comfort of Museums: 

From Museum of the Future to Museum of olden golden days – Dubai Museum & Al Fahidi Port; Dubai has a lot to offer to amaze you, keep you informed from the past to the future, through technically advanced as well as carefully reconstructed world-class museums. Dubai Museum is all about a complete overview of the city’s history and development. The Louvre Abu Dhabi (a short day trip away) houses an impressive collection of art and artifacts from around the world.

8. The Classic Dhow Cruise Dinner:    

As the scorching summer-day comes to an end, set off to a well-planned traditional dhow cruise in Dubai! Create memories of Arabic and international cuisine on board, Tanoursa shows, breathtaking skyline; all at once. A truly refreshing way to escape the regular summer day without much of plans or hours needed!

9. Thrilling and Splashing JetSki Ride in Dubai: 

What would be better than taking a speed in the water surrounded by some of the top-notch hotels in a private beach as you ride on a high-speed Jet Ski in Dubai with your favourite person! This surely, must go to your list of Things to do in Dubai in Summer time! In as less as AED 350, you have the access to the right equipment in the premium private beach of Dubai, take off and conquer the Dubai summer heat with water!

Last but not the least, inspired by colourful Lego, all you see are skyscrapers, houses and a world made by Lego, in an indoor theme park, none other than – Legoland Dubai.

With these Top 9 things to do in Dubai, without a long itinerary, you can transform your Dubai summer experience from being bitten by the scorching heat to conquering the summer like a hero. 

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