Searide Dubai has been in the region as provider of Premium Water Sports Activities, for over a decade. As the first JetSki Rental company in Dubai, and the leading and premium Water Sports Company; SeaRide Dubai goes beyond offering water sports activities and actively offers best deals for latest models of flite boards for eFoiling enthusiasts. SeaRide Dubai, is the proud Fliteboard Reseller in the region. 

Our team is at your disposal throughout the year. We have stock that can be delivered at your place. We also fully refund session costs if you decide to purchase a board from us !

fliteboard pro efoil for sale in Dubai

With Superior responsiveness, the Pro is designed for confident beginners. Once you try it  you won’t look back. Available in 5 colors.

Starts from

AED 58,000.00

black color efoil fliteboard ultra for sale in dubai

The Ultra is an adrenaline machine. For experienced riders that want to push the limits on the smallest board available. Available in 2 colors.

Starts from

AED 58,000.00

off white fliteboard air for sale in dubai

This is the most stable and durable board. Perfect for families, yachts and resorts. Available in 2 colors.

Starts from

AED 58,000.00

white fliteboard series 2 for sale in Dubai

This iconic Fliteboard is the best seller. It’s great for sharing and can quickly be adjuste for performance. Available in 5 colors.

Starts from

AED 58,000.00

Jet ski is without a doubt one of the best ways to experience Dubai. For the last 8 years, SeaRide Dubai is the first water sport company to operate jet ski experiences, as well as stand up jet ski experiences Dubai. We offer the latest equipment and ultimate safety; our certified team offers professionalism, experience, and knowledge to create unforgettable memories. Our jet ski Dubai experiences range from AED350-600, with a package to suit any taste or requirement.

a man posing for a jetski dubai experience in front of The Royal Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

JetSki Rental is one exhilarating water sport activity which has been super popular pick of watersport enthusiasts in Dubai, just in a matter of over a decade. SeaRide Dubai is the first JetSki Rental Company in Dubai. Needless to say – the best place to create those unforgettable memories, right here! 

Starts from/30 MIN

AED 350

Water Sport Activities

Stand Up Jetski is the ‘adrenaline pro’ version of Jetski, with requirement of intense body balancing skills, top speed and lots of freestyling! Designed exclusively for 1 adventurer, Stand Up Jetskis are the best for sharper turns, delivering intense thrill. Yamaha SuperJet: the top pick of 2024, of those seeking intense adrenaline in the water. 

Starts from/30 MIN

AED 350

A perfect blend of serenity and excitement in the calm Arabian ocean, eFoil in Dubai is for those seeking adventurous yet soothing experience amid noises, hypes and adrenaline! This eco-friendly water sport is becoming popular by day, in Dubai.

Starts from/30 MIN

AED 550

Drive a Car and break All the Traffic Rules! Yes, SeaRide Dubai’s Water Jet Car allows you to drive in the speed of up to 80LM/H, sitting on the driver’s seat, splashing water from behind like a pro! With an open air experience, you’ll view all the spectacular skyline of Dubai from Burj Khalifa, to name it! 

Starts from/20 MIN

AED 700

black color predator yacht charter in Dubai

Brand Dubai got the reputation of being a luxury tourism destination in the world. Synonymous to luxury, sophistication and opulence, it’s no wonder that Luxury Yacht Rentals are a part of Dubai’s culture. SeaRide Dubai offers some of the most sophisticated private yachts for rental that come with opulent interiors, state-of-the-art amenities, and world class service. 

Starts from/Hour

AED 5000

Other Water Sport Activities

SeaRide Dubai is one-stop for literally, all kinds of water sports activities. For those seeking out peaceful, yoga-friendly paddle boarding, to  adrenaline SuperJet, or complete fun package of Tubing donut ride to ultra-sophisticated private yacht charter in urbane Dubai; reach out to SeaRide Dubai! 

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